An evolution in F1 racing

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Our team ethos is based around the idea of evolution both as a team as well as helping evolve young pupils into designers and engineers by providing them with STEM opportunities. One biggest purchase to date is that of our testing track and launch gate which cost just under £2000, this investment not only lets us test our cars to a high standard but also has allowed us, along with our school’s technology department, to create an area of learning where year 7 pupils (aged 11-12) create their own miniature cars, presentations and team t-shirts, with Zoe`s help and advice along the way; as part of their STEM curricular.

Furthermore, as a team it is important for us to evolve as, unfortunately, team members have to move on and can`t be part of our team forever, this is why, this year, 3 new younger members have joined our team so they can learn of the more experienced members and keep succeeding after the older members have left the team.





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Us last season at the regional finals, where we won 1st place

Our team last season at the national finals, where we came 5th place overall in the UK


On the 8th of Febuary, 201, we won the award of South East and London winners at the CEME centre in Rainham. As well as being awarded the 1st place, we also won the sponsorship and marketing award and the fastest car award Due to our success, we were invited to the National Finals at Silverstone.

At the National Finals at Silverstone, we competed with 30 of the best teams in the UK, was nominated for the team identity award and our car was the 2nd fastest at the event. In the 2016-2017 competition, we competed as Team IQ Engineering, however moving forward in the competition we have decided to change to Team Evolve, which is now made up of 3 experienced members from the previous team and 3 ambitious new students who we feel gives us an edge during the 2017-2018 F1 in Schools competition.

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